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Towards a Self-Sustaining, Faith-Based & Value-Centric World class University

Veritas University Endowment Foundation is an initiative for the purpose of creating  a self-sustaining, faith-based and Value-centered world class University in Nigeria. By accepting endowments, gifts and donations,  which will be expended on Giving Scholarships to the deserving, the continual provision of physical facilities  and amenities. Your donations will ensure a legacy of support towards achieving the dream of building a world class University (The Catholic University of Nigeria).

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The Veritas University Endowment Foundation is poised toward reducing the number of out of school children in Nigeria, these less privileged children have been displaced from their homes and villages by terrorism and banditry thereby losing their source of livelihood, most of them are teenagers of university age that are vulnerable and are soft targets for terrorism and prostitution.


Funds Enter the Endowment from two primary sources Gifts & Savings by Trustees

our Events

17th august, 2023

Second General Board Meeting, August 2023.

16th November, 2023

Third General Board Meeting, November 2023.

2nd February, 2024

Philanthropic development Office (PDO) 

9-11th Feb, 2024

SRG Conference- Participating Organization 

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Providing Students with integral and holistic formation that combines academic and professional training.
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