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Veritas University Endowment Foundation (VUEF) is an initiative for the self-sustenance of Veritas University for impacting a faith-based and Value-centered world class University education.

Veritas University Abuja (The Catholic University of Nigeria) is a faith-based University established by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria (CBCN). The University was set up to provide high quality tertiary education, with emphasis on strong moral values, self reliance, the development of the student and the Nigerian society. A provisional license was granted by the Nigerian University commission (NUC) in may 2007 and academic activities commenced in October 2008. The University has full accreditation status for all programs it runs from the NUC. The University has just completed sixteen years of operation and has graduated eleven sets of students since it’s inception. Visit Veritas.edu.ng.

Veritas University Endowment Foundation is an initiative with the purpose of creating  a self-sustaining, faith-based and Value-centered world class University in Nigeria by accepting endowments, gifts and donations to power the Veritas Educational Projects, A lot of funds would be expended on the provision of physical facilities such as Administrative blocks, Classroom blocks, Hostel blocks, Cafeteria, Bore Holes, Transformer, Infrastructures, E-Library, Generator, Internet Facilities, Road Construction and University Clinic. Your donations would leave a legacy of support for the building of a world class campus for the historic Veritas University of Nigeria (The Catholic University of Nigeria).

Our Vision:

To build and sustain a dynamic community of staff and students with Christian orientation and inspiration who, motivated by the ideas of hard work, integrity, discipline and creativeness, and dedicated to Catholic principles and attitudes, work together to create knowledge for the advancement of the  Nigerian society, and evolve an academic culture of excellence that will make the University rank among the best in the world.

Our Mission:

To provide its students with integral and holistic formation that combines academic and professional training with physical, moral, spiritual, social and cultural formation together with formation in Christian religious principles and the social teachings of the Catholic Church.

Endowment Investment Philosophy

Veritas University endowment foundation endeavors to cultivate a robust and sustainable investment approach that can secure a steady and predictable income stream, especially to support their educational projects. The University’s priority lies in maximizing returns from their investments while mitigating potential risks within an acceptable margin. Nonetheless, the institution must ensure that the profits accrued from these investments can offset the costs of managing and administering them, and also remain abreast with inflationary pressures. We strive to remain steadfast in our principles of prudent investment to enhance the University’s financial health and deliver long-term value to its stakeholders.

Endowment Valuation

The Endowment Fund offers individuals the opportunity to make a charitable contribution through gifts which are utilized in a diversified investment portfolio, including property, stocks and government bonds. Each contribution is invested into the portfolio at the current market price and helps to purchase a share of the mixture. The value of these shares fluctuates on a monthly basis, based on the performance of the investments. As a result, donors can contribute to an investment portfolio that generates returns for the charitable organization and enables it to further its philanthropic endeavors.

Endowment Payout

The Veritas Endowment allocates a specified yearly disbursement, determined by the Governing Council on an annual basis via the endowment spending rate. In efforts to ensure the longevity of the fund’s income generation, the trustees have decided to restrict annual spending to a maximum of 10%.


The Veritas University Endowment Foundation represents a remarkable undertaking aimed at establishing a world-class university that is centered on strong values and a steadfast commitment to sustainability. This endeavor stems from our dedication to providing a faith-based institution that endeavors to achieve excellence in all areas. As such, we have embarked on a journey towards creating a university that we anticipate will become a beacon of light to the world. The Veritas University Endowment Foundation is a critical component of this ongoing initiative. We remain unwavering in our mission to establish a robust endowment to support the university’s growth and development. We believe that by creating a self-sustaining model that aligns with our values, our institution’s future will be bright and enduring.

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The Continuation of the University projects can be accomplished within the shortest time with the support of the laity of the church

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